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Bio-Organic - Pure Plant Synergy - Made In The UK




Formulated to Reduce the Exposure of our Skin to Harmful chemicals ™

Free From Parabens, Petrochemicals, Artificial Fragrances,
Synthetic Ingredients, Artificial Colourants, Pthalates,
Formaldeyhdes, TEA/DEA, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, GMO's
Alcohol Free, Cruelty Free Skincare,
Suitable For Vegans (except for our MM Face Peel which contains honey)


  • Mel Millis artisan luxury skincare is based on its integrity to constantly strive in obtaining and using only the purest, freshest, nutrient rich, sustainably sourced, certified organic natural ingredients, only chosen for their individual ability to deliver exceptional, proven, effective results and not simply because of their organic status.
  • Mel Millis ethos is based on transparency and uncompromising principles to allow our customers to make informed choices. Re Energise, Rebalance, Revitalise forms the basis of our phytonutri skincare collection. We disclose all of our ingredients for all of our skincare products on our website.
  •  Mel Millis manufactures all of our products in micro-batches, in the UK, without outsourced base formulas. All conform to EU legislation and all carry safety assessment certification. This confirms our integrity in ensuring all of Mel Millis  products are safe to use.
  • Mel Millis works tirelessly together with nature and its science, overseeing every part of the process ourselves. We go beyond organic to ensure our skincare delivers what it promises.
     "Nature Uses Human Imagination

             To Lift Her Work Of Creation To Even Higher Levels"

                                                                                                                                                                      Luigi Pirandello