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Bio-Organic - Pure Plant Synergy - Made In The UK

The Organic Phytonutrient Plant Extracts In Our Skincare
Phytonutrients are thousands of organic chemical constituents found in the plant kingdom, with some plants containing in excess of 300 phytonutrients, they are the supreme rejuvenating, repairing and detoxifying agents provided to us by mother nature. 
Our phytonutrient plant extracts have been obtained using a certified organic patented extraction process, performed in high tech laboratory conditions.
This cutting edge extraction method works without the use of high temperatures commonly used in steam distilled extraction. This helps to preserve the valuable constituents of the plants without altering their molecular composition.
Whilst other extraction methods leave behind a residue full of beneficial phytonutrients which cannot be broken down and utilised, our innovative extraction method allows all of the plants properties from all parts of the plant to be extracted and utilised.
This plant alchemy allows us to deliver the purest and most potent phytonutrients available into our skincare that recreates the synergy of the whole plant, for proven long lasting results.